All the President's Men

Two centennial and three days ago, a baby boy was born in a small log cabin in Kentucky. Five score later, he would become our sixteenth president and would make all men free and equal in America. Since then, there have been 28 stellar and not so stellar presidents in office. But what determines a good president? What makes people say, “I long for the days when (insert presidents name here) was in office.”

I find it hard to judge whether a president is good or not, merely because, I’m assuming (like most Americans) I am not an expert on our government. I know my fair share about policy and governmental procedures and foreign affairs, but not enough to weigh-in on Obama’s latest decision intelligently. It’s kind of like watching “Deal or No Deal.” Viewers scream at the television no deal! But that’s because we’re not up there risking it all. The threat of losing $500,000 for the chance of $1,000,000 is not on our shoulders. Likewise, it’s easy to criticize a president’s decision because, frankly, the world is not on our shoulders.

But beyond good or bad presidents, these are people who give-up their privacy to serve their country and put themselves in the public eye for the mere salary of $400,000 (not including the expense accounts, free housing and other privileges of living in the whitest house in America.) And we should celebrate them for their dedication. So for one day, we take a break from our work to remember their service.

So take this day to relax. Sleep in. Go downtown to Church Street and check out some of the great deals offered by The Body Shop, Ri Ra or Second Time Around this holiday. But remember the point of this day. Dead or alive, good or bad, these were men who offered their time to fight and protect the freedoms and rights that we have today.

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