Halloween in Downtown Burlington

Original Post: October 30, 2009


This year’s Halloween scene falls on the perfect weekend, because, you can opt to party Friday, Saturday or (if you are die hard) even Sunday in downtown Burlington. For this weeks blog, I’ve decided to put together a little cramming list of things to do, wear and try in order to prep for your perfect Halloween weekend. And I don’t need to tell you—it’s crunch time.


Stop by Old Gold on Main Street for this. The 37-year old store has an overwhelming plethora of costume ideas from Alice in Wonderland, to the Queen of Hearts, to dressing as a giant foam toaster! The prices are reasonable and the store in general is just…fun. Check it out.


Halloween is all about going out dancing and showing off that costume. Because of this, I for once, do not recommend the sterile songwriter’s showcase, and instead advise you to go for a more hot and sweaty night of dancing. DJ Fattie B always knows how to throw a good party and this year, on Oct. 31, he will kick off a costume party at club Metronome on Main Street.


Join creepy ghost guide Thea Lewis, author of the book “Haunted Burlington, Spirit’s of Vermont’s Queen City”  for a tour of terror through downtown Burlington. Find out if the very corner you like to drink coffee on is haunted by a madman! $13.00 per person. The tour meets nightly at 7 p.m. at the City Hall Park this weekend.

That’s it! Dress up, enjoy, but mostly, get on out of the house! Burlington really comes alive during this holiday.

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